Jones Endurance Project coaches athletes of ALL abilities through their endurance goals with individual specific written programming as well as group programs and clinics based on training, racing, and EDUCATION. From the first 5k to a full Ironman, JEP will find athletes a home no matter what spectrum landing.  Not all athletes are in it to race, though!  JEP recognizes that and develops programming simply for the love of movement, fitness, and sound mind.

It takes a village to raise an athlete! Jones Endurance Project is a full-service coaching community which enlists wellness and athletic professionals to educate beyond traditional endurance training systems. Athletic assessments and testing, educational clinics, and a solid network of driven folks in the field are regular features of the unique athletic programming. This ENDURANCE ECOSYSTEM organically builds not only stronger athletes in love with the lifestyle, but an unrivaled local social environment keeping people accountable and motivated!

JEP recognizes that real world non-professional athletes require much flexibility in their world for training.  JEP athletes orchestrate career, family, and all other life demands on top of their training making them a special kind of superhero!  All of this is taken into account by coach and the right recipe for life/athletic management will surely be found.

A ‘project’ means an ongoing process. Jones Endurance Project is endlessly dedicated to learning all the wonderful elements of endurance fitness and overall wellness. I live to be in the ‘race and training trenches’ with you! To humbly experience what the client experiences. To passionately pursue a vision of growth in the athletic world. An individual on a fitness journey of their own is indeed a ‘project’. A community and network supporting that individual is the Jones Endurance Project. So, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African run proverb and Jones Endurance Project philosophy