About the Coach!

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Nancy Jones is a mom, a coach, a wife, and an athlete in whatever order is most demanded at the time and she absolutely THRIVES on orchestrating that common wonderful struggle. In fact, it’s basically what she does for a living.  She’s been working in the wellness industry as a fitness coach since 2000 and coaching all distance endurance athletes since 2009. She’s very humbled and proud to report that she’s participated in some serious prestigious events to include Kona Ironman World Championships 2015 and 2016; 70.3 World Championships 2012; Boston Marathon 2012; and ITU Long Course World Championships 2011 to name a few. And yet, she considers herself always a beginner and that is where her heart lies for her coaching.

She’s tirelessly seeking new ways to understand the ever changing field of endurance athleticism, particularly long course. And she love’s more than anything to provide philosophy behind the information that is so often recycled. Current applicable certifications include USATriathlon Coaching Level 1, National Strength and Conditioning Personal Fitness Trainer, and Aerobic Fitness Association of America Personal Fitness Trainer.