Educational Clinics and Weekly Group Workouts

IMG_1849 (1)(Note!- Times and days are always subject to change so keep checking site and Rockin Runners World FB group in addition to texting 702-767-7917 for latest info!)

Current weekly clinics-

Monday night 6:30 Track at Foothill HS

Thursday night indoor bike trainer class 6:40 at Elevate 

Saturday morning 7:00 Rockin Runners group run and educational endurance lecture


Practicing the actual physical craft alongside classroom style learning of endurance/multisport is an ideal combination for athletic growth. Jones Endurance Project provides regular outlets for swim/bike/run physical tools and tips via actual clinics along with lectures/blogs/articles/videos released regularly.
The physical clinics in swim/bike/run not only exponentially improve an athlete’s form in each discipline, but the relativity provided from coach helps the athlete to better visualize how the actual race will feel. This calms the nerves of many an athlete in just knowing how to pace and conduct themselves in their races based on their physical abilities. Clinics are also held just for the sake of learning effective and safe forms of exercise, no race needed! Coach Nancy Jones offers many regular weekly skill clinics in each discipline included in individual programming costs. Additional clinics for JEP athletes and interested ‘newbies’ are also scheduled based on the demands of the community. Ask for a clinic and so you shall receive it!
Lectures/blogs/articles/videos are released regularly for JEP/RR clients to reference at any time. Endurance training, racing, and lifestyle changes all the time considering what’s truly helpful and what’s just hype. And Jones Endurance Project is dedicated to consistent release of viable information!
The fun and social gatherings that make up the clinics help folks to bypass any beginner fears a bit easier. Starting a new athletic adventure is exciting, but can be scary! Having moral support within swim, bike, or run practices makes for a smoother transition into endurance athletics.
Swim, bike, and run clinic calendar changes regularly so be sure to check with coach Nancy via text message 702-767-7917 or FB messenger for most recent schedule. There are consistent weekly bike and run outlets via Rockin Runners Saturday meetings and Thursday evening bike trainer class at Elevate. Monday night run track workouts are consistent at Foothill HS.  Swim clinics are scheduled week by week in the pool and open water if weather permits.
The educator network includes more than just the coach for the educational clinics! Again, Jones Endurance Project mission is to bind the interest of the endurance community to incredible service providers in the name of wellness education for all. So, just like Rockin Runners, the professional guest speakers frequent the clinics or blogs for all Jones Endurance Project features. Learn from one another. Serve one another. Grow with one another!