Rockin’ Runners

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The Story Behind Rockin Runners! 

Two locations: East Side- Elevate Sports Performance and Chiropractic 10909 S Eastern and West side- Performance Footwear 9151 W Sahara Unit 103

Check Rockin Runners World FB group for latest season updates!  Long Course 14 week season begins FIRST SAT IN JANUARY WITH DEC 14TH ORIENTATION AT PERFORMANCE FOOTWEAR 6PM.  Or simply text Nancy at 702-767-7917 more info!


The mission to educate and grow the endurance community takes form in another dimensional service called the Rockin Runners Educational Endurance Program. Jones Endurance Project originally created this unique training program for a consistent educational outlet for ALL levels of athlete. Particularly, with a home for beginners in mind. Basic RR elements include-
* 3 seasons a year for 10-16 weeks of a very structured specific training program for all level runners and walkers at a group price. Summer season is on trail!
*Weekly lectures from professional guest speakers in the wellness field sharing their gift of intellectual property.
*A group of notoriously welcoming people with similar shared goals.
*’Homework’ sent out weekly with training volume assigned for optional goal races.
*Standard home location of a gym with discounted services for RR members as well as just a place to leave stuff while on route, get educated, and get cleaned up afterward.
*Group run/walk at one’s own pace fully supported with mapped route and hydration station.

The Positive Group Environment of every Saturday morning during Rockin Runner seasons has organically grown a ‘run family’. The social aspect within this world of brave faces taking their first leap of athletic faith next to seasoned athletes is unmatched by traditional run clubs. An all-welcoming atmosphere is ideal for beginners fearing pace expectations or fitness level standards. The overall results from the program’s structure keep alumni coming back which inevitably cycles them into better and better levels of performance. Accountability from one another makes for training success during the fun all across the board of athletic levels!The professional guest speakers in the wellness and athletic fields are a favorite feature of RR culture and mission. The best of the best in the LV valley are chosen for weekly lectures to graciously share their impeccable work in their field with the Rockin Runners! From doctors to all forms of therapists and chiropractors, life coaches, registered dietitians, fitness trainers, professional athletes, and those simply with life changing personal stories just to name a few; ALL are dedicated to delivering tactics in the name of keeping Rockin Runners in the athletic world for LIFE. Not just as the typical fly-by-night hobbyist. Getting to know the network of pros in our community is a win win for athlete and provider alike. Retailers and service providers partnered with the hungry for life athlete is an unstoppable combination for growing the local endurance family!

The Beginners lead the way and the results follow in this safe, gym cliche free environment. RR and JEP recognizes that the gym is definitely NOT the place for everyone. A fitness journey does not require complicated equipment or larger than life fitness goals. The most important components of any wellness endeavor are simply solid coaching with measurable growth assessments alongside basic goal development. No fancy facility necessary. Rockin Runners provides that very place to START. Then the inevitable results from following the simple program prove it the same route that you GROElevate is the hub for Rockin Runners fun two of the three seasons a year. This is the convenient home location for each Saturday morning meeting during the two longer road training seasons. Rockin Runners get to roll into their athletic home away from home to greet all the other smiling faces, comfortably listen to the wellness pro guest speaker lecture, warm up, and cool down. The Green Valley location is also the ideal spot for varied terrain and most of all, safe, run/walk routes. Rockin Runners also receive FMS testing as a comped service plus discounts on Elevate regular services- strength training, assessments, and chiropractic care.

Summer Trail Season is the fun off-site change of scenery for the shortest and dirtiest season of the yearly three! Summertime requires shorter workouts to safely work within the dangerous temps and trail is an ideal way to get the most workout bang for your buck. The courses are tougher. More muscle and mindfulness on the dirt are required. The Rockin Runners receive an entirely new medium of run/walk endurance training with the trips to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful trails sprinkled along the edges of our community. Most go through their whole time in our Valley having no idea these incredible landscapes and trails exist! The Rockin Runners will explore a totally new one every Saturday morning during RR Summer Trail Season.