Testing and assessments at Elevate

IMG_9506“It takes a village to raise an athlete”- Nancy Jones. JEP is well known for the educational network and multiple resources involved with each athlete. And no other corner of the programming demonstrates this more than the relationship with Max Jones and his strength training/athletic assessments. JEP athletes are encouraged to supplement their endurance programming with strength training so to prevent injury, perform measurably better, and of course learn so much more about their athletic craft.

Nancy and Max Jones are the ultimate power couple in creating athletic results! Many testimonials will report the success from combining Nancy’s programming with Max’s strength training. Instead of athletes having segregated sections of fitness, with the Jones’, athletes have an experienced duo communicating about their schedule, demands, performance, and ideas for their future.

Elevate Sports Performance and Chiropractic is a ‘one stop fitness shop’ serves as the hub for all athletic needs. Just like the Rockin Runners, all JEP athletes have some incredible services all under one roof available to them. Services with discounts for JEP and RR athletes include strength training, testing/assessments, chiropractic care, massage, lectures and clinics, and many other incredible wellness events. Not to mention beautifully maintained showers and equipment in a convenient location.

Injury Prevention is a huge layer in the mix needed for athlete success. And alongside smart programming and impeccable coach/athlete communication, strength training is a main way to keep tissue strong/injury free. Endurance athletes are ALWAYS walking the tightrope between injury and race/training completion. Overuse injuries, stress fractures, runners knee, ITBS, poor mobility, and many other common injuries from endurance training are NOT a ‘norm’ with JEP. Having consistent strength training to keep all biomechanically operating as it should is a mandatory standard at which JEP insists athletes maintain. Testing and Assessments with Max Jones such as FMS (Functional Movement Screening) completely changes the traditional training and injury paradigm- train until an athlete is injured, then hope to work through that injury while continuing program. With FMS, athletes learn from Max about their weak/asymmetrical/immobile/poorly firing areas BEFORE they begin their large loads in Nancy’s programming. This way, they’re able to get those areas strong and operating well BEFORE the periods that typically take out athletes. Again, education and network leading the way to their best performances yet!

Better overall performance comes with consistent strength training. Period. With tissue more resilient and therefor injury rare, programming is less likely to be derailed and cycle after planned cycle, the athlete inevitably gets faster/stronger/fitter/BETTER! The variable movement in strength training recruits more muscle groups and that demand carries over into endurance racing/training. This means athletes are going into racing and training using obviously MORE than if they didn’t cross train. More muscle. More perspective on perceived exertion- the challenge of strength training can make endurance work seemingly easier. More power. More explosiveness. More speed!

Strength training outlets in both a class or one on one setting give athletes the option of working specifically on their programming needs or in a social group atmosphere. The needs of the athlete may change and all is available to them for their ever-evolving strength requirements. JEP athletes get to work on their functional strength within the highest serious movement standards, AND in the fun family environment facilitated by the Jones’