Individual to package programming and prices

IMG_7754Full service coaching for all levels of multisport from the first 5k to the Full Ironman. All abilities! No matter what individual goals athletes might seek to attain, be them race aspirations or the simple and wonderful love for endurance training just for the sake of serious fitness, Jones Endurance Project will provide the ultimate package for success. Specific individual programming, testing and assessments, constant communication with coach, skill clinics, and plans derived from a highly experienced coach in the trenches with the athletes are just a few of the features provided for EVERYONE. Race or no race. Any endurance goal. Any background/experience.

Testing and assessments for endurance programming begins with individual specific testing for heart rate zones and functional movement screening. FMS (Functional Movement Screening) is an included service by Max Jones for all privately coached clients designed to find potential typical overuse injuries or poor movement patterns before they happen in training within the traditional paradigm- train til injured then try to recover. Jones Endurance Project is changing that and rooting out problems BEFORE they occur in the endurance journey. Heart rate zone testing gives athletes their individual heart rate zones through an actual physical threshold test, not just the generic zones listed on cardio equipment. This gives athletes working ranges where they can be assured that they are both safe and progressing in their fitness. Time Trials are frequented distances and disciplines visited periodically both to check athlete fitness progress and/or to create race simulation.

Written daily programming is the plan that provides exact instruction for building volume, intensity, and skill sets for goal race or athletic endeavor. The individual plan is varied person to person and considers not just the athletic goal, but the large fitness picture of the athlete’s entire ‘season’. Taken into account each season are ‘training cycles’ with a different focus surrounding athletic growth. Then, of course the goal race or key event of the new fitness journey- we build the volume appropriately based on athlete experience/history, event length and difficulty, the athlete’s life obligations (career, family, and social demands), and overall preparation time allotted.
Skill Clinics- are regularly scheduled and available to you in swim, bike, and run. Whether is an evening bike trainer class to build fitness on the bike, an outdoor long bike for technical and race specific work, an open water swim, a pool clinic, a track workout, or one of the many outlets for hands on learning, it’s available to the athlete for growth in each discipline! The Rockin Runners Educational Endurance program is included with the cost of any package of Individual Endurance Programming.



Constant communication with the coach is the difference between training with an actual local living person and an online service. Constant correspondence between coach and client concerning the plan is an important feature! Life demands change day to day in the average non-professional athlete’s life. It’s not only imperative that an athlete gets to discuss progress and concerns with the prescribed programming, but it’s important that coach and athlete have a relationship so to discuss life variables in general. How an athlete is feeling and performing based on the life/career/family/training/racing tightrope walk is absolutely coach’s business! And the ability to adjust goals and planning for REAL world expectations is a necessary feature for keeping the average athlete on track.

Coaches in the ‘Real World Trenches’ with you is a testament to the sincere commitment Jones Endurance Project maintains for this lifestyle. Nancy Jones has an extensive race resume including major competitions such as Kona Ironman World Championships two years in a row, Boston Marathon, and consistently high USAT rankings from success in all distances at the top amateur level. But the real magic lies in her work of balancing family and career with race demands just like that orchestrated by her multidimensional athletes. She is next to her people in race transition. She is prioritizing and planning training with all the other major demands in her world, just like her athletes. She is the ultimate representative of Jones Endurance Project’s proud main demographic in all it’s complicated glory- the average age group athlete!

Products and Pricing!
So many of these services run together (pun intended) to create a diversified mess of fun and athletic progress!  Everyone has individual programming needs so some might need more outlets than others.  Scheduling is always changing with the seasons so keep the finger on the pulse with updates on Rockin Runners World FB group and by texting Coach Nancy 702-767-7917 or emailing or reaching out via FB @NancyAnneJones
All times and days change regularly so always double check with your coach if it’s ON!
Rockin Runners 14-16 weeks Fall and Spring Beginner to Half marathon (Pro guest speakers) seasons- $260 per season.  Discounts always available for Alumni!
Rockin Runners 8-10 week Summer Trail Season- $90 per season.  Discounts always available for Alumni!
Individual Endurance Programming Package 1 which includes: testing, FMS assessment with Coach Max, specific written programming for races or season goals, constant communication via phone/email with coach, Rockin Runners any season, any scheduled weekly track workout at Foothill HS, any scheduled weekly bike trainer class at Elevate, and any scheduled swim clinic- $150 per month.
Individual Endurance Programming Package 2 which includes: testing, FMS assessment with Coach Max, specific written programming for races or season goals, constant communication via phone/email with coach, Rockin Runners any season, any scheduled weekly track workout, any scheduled weekly bike trainer class, any scheduled swim clinic, and 2 endurance specific ‘touch up’ strength sessions per month- $250 per month.
‘All at once’ training packages.  Anything from 5k to Full Ironman programming.  This product is a hybrid between the constant communication that comes with JEP monthly/seasonal coaching and a less than personal standard plan that’s written all at once.  Prices vary depending on race/goal and face to face time.  Work it out with ol’ coach-o.
Drop-in for the commit-a-phobes or to try out the fun with an educational morning with the Rockin Runners run, a quality bike trainer class, a track workout with a high return, and a swim clinic in pool or lake-$20 per day!
EXCITING PACKAGES TO COME!-  Details are still being hashed out for the best level of service between two dynamic forces:  Elevate Sports Performance and Chiropractic and Nancy Jones’ Programming.  Services from Elevate will include strength training classes/one on one and further assessments, massage therapy, and chiropractic.
“Products and Pricing!”